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Life happens, and it’s not always easy. One common victim of life’s uneasiness is your windows. With storms and careless children playing ball, your window often finds itself being the victim of errant debris and baseballs. Consequently, you might often find yourself with a window that makes a better hole than it does a window.

Or maybe the glass in your window is in tip-top condition but the window itself is not. Does is struggle to lock? Can it barely open or close? Does it leak? If your window is in anything but the best shape it can be, you need to call the replacement window professionals at Contour Renovation!

Our remodeling and construction experts have over 10 years of experience combined in the window replacement business. Our experience and know-how allow us to meet all of your window replacement needs. No matter the style or condition of your window, we are able to replace it quickly and expertly!

Replacement Windows That Fits Perfectly Every Time

At Contour Renovation, we are more than just window experts. We are also carpentry experts. So even if your new window doesn’t fit perfectly out of the box, we have the know-how to make it fit perfectly! And we understand the importance of making your window fit perfectly.

Sturdy Windows Keeps Rain Out!

A good, well-installed window should be rain tight! No matter how torrential the rain outside might be, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about any of it getting into your home. Thanks to the dedicated experts at Contour Renovation, you won’t have to worry about rain getting into your home through the windows at all! This is a major practical concern for when you’re having a new window installed, surely. But what about the NON-practical concerns? Concerns such as…


Maybe your window isn’t broken at all. Maybe no water is getting in, and no baseballs have left it permanently opened. Maybe you just want a new window to match your home. If that’s the case, then look no further than the experts at Contour Renovation! You just pick the window that’s perfect for your home, and we’ll do the hard work and make it fit beautifully and perfectly!

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