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What Kind Of Flooring Is Best For Your Home?

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You might not think about your flooring in your average day-to-day life, but when you’re building or remodeling, your choice in flooring should be one of the most thought-out decisions you make in the entire process. Your flooring will affect the aesthetic, comfort, and even economy of your home.

Don’t make an uneducated choice. If you are remodeling or building, read ahead before you make any decisions about your flooring! Our handy list of some of the most common kinds of flooring options and their features will equip you with the knowledge to make the best choice possible for your new flooring!


  • Pros

    Tile is beautiful, and it’s beauty doesn’t go unnoticed. Indeed, having tile flooring installed in your home can actually increase its value! And with a glazing, tile flooring can withstand any manner of spill, allowing it to retain its beauty for many years to come! Tiles are also one of the easiest kinds of flooring to clean. Just mop and vacuum, and your tiles will be good as new!

  • Cons

    Tile flooring is notably cold in the winters if you don’t have a radiant heating system. On top of that, they don’t provide very much insulation, so you won’t notice any energy-saving benefits with tile flooring. They also don’t absorb noise, so if you have energetic pets or small children, tile won’t do much to protect your eardrums and sanity from their daily tumults.


  • Pros

    Unlike carpet, you don’t have to replace hardwood flooring after years of wear have rendered it dull and damaged. Instead, you can just restore it with a professional restoration company. And you’ll want to keep it in great shape because beautiful, well-cared-for hardwood flooring can greatly increase your home’s value. That combined with hardwood’s ease of maintenance (just sweep and mop) makes hardwood flooring an excellent option for your new flooring!

  • Cons

    Hardwood flooring is EXPENSIVE to install, averaging about 8-25 dollars a square foot. Adding to the expense is the refinishing it’ll need to remove scratches that accumulate over the years. This process can set you back up to 4 dollars a square foot! And like tile flooring, hardwood doesn’t cancel out noise, so it could be a problem for the parents and animal lovers out there.


  • Pros

    Finally, there is an option for those of us who love silence! Vinyl is made to absorb noise, so your kids and pets won’t bankrupt your Tylenol budget. But noise is not the only thing that vinyl absorbs: It also acts like something of a shoe insert as it absorbs weight, proving to be one of the most comfortable flooring options out there. And it provides an extra layer to help insulate your home, saving you money on your energy bills. It is also fairly cheap to install and comes in a variety of different styles. Thus, vinyl can prove to be one of the best flooring types for the economic shopper!

  • Cons

    Vinyl isn’t the most durable flooring materials out there. Sharp objects can cut it, and heavy loads can damage it. On top of that, vinyl flooring fades when exposed to sunlight. Over time, your vinyl flooring can be rendered a curled, scuffed mess that needs to be replaced. So in the long run, vinyl flooring might not be the best option.


  • Pros

    Laminate flooring is beautiful and comes in a variety of textures that are made to match hardwood, and since it can be installed for about half the price of hardwood, laminate is an excellent option if you want the hardwood aesthetic without the price. Laminate flooring is also resistant to stains and water damage, so it’ll save you money in the long run on damages that water can cause when it gets under your flooring.

  • Cons

    Laminate is not easy to repair. And though its “lock in” design is supposed to make installation easy, that design doesn’t always work as well as planned. Finally, laminate flooring tends to be somewhat slippery, so this option might be a poor choice for the elderly and other people who are susceptible to serious damage after a fall. And though it imitates hardwood’s appearance, it can’t imitate its value. Indeed, laminate flooring is noted for often driving DOWN a home’s value when it comes time to sell.

The Bottom Line

You should always think carefully about the kind of flooring you want in your home. When it comes time to renovate or build, don’t pick your flooring without knowing what you can expect from it.

If this list has helped you to pick the right flooring for you, then make the flooring experts at Contour Renovation your choice for installation! We’ll have your flooring installed quickly and expertly!

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