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Reliable Remodeling Services

Here at Contour Renovation, we provide a wide array of top-quality remodeling services to get your home looking brand new! These services include the following:

interior painting

Interior Painting

If you’re looking for a new color for your home, then look no further than the experts at Contour Renovation. We will give you a beautiful new paint job with none of the runs or drips that can ruin a paint job.

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exterior painting

Exterior Painting

Your home’s outdoor paint job is subject to some serious beating. Between the weather, the sun, and everything else, your exterior paint job could soon wind up looking terrible. If your paint job has lost its luster, just call up the experts a Contour Renovation. We’ll give your home a beautiful new paint job that will withstand even the worst elements.

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kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is where you’ll spend much of your homelife. Between preparing and eating meals and entertaining friends, you’ll find yourself enjoying your kitchen more than most other rooms in your house. So it makes sense that your kitchen should be a great-looking place to spend that time! If your kitchen is in need of a makeover, just call the experts at Contour Renovation. We’ll make your kitchen a place you’re GLAD to spend so much time in!

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carpentry and drywall

Carpentry & Drywall

Here at Contour Renovation, we don’t excel at only beautification. We can also build and repair areas of your home that need it! We have the skills and experience to provide excellent, high-quality carpentry and drywall work that will last for years and years to come!

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Do you ever find that your home is just NOT big enough to suit your needs? Don’t live a cramped life, and don’t endure the rigmarole of buying a larger house. Just get an addition instead! Here at Contour Renovation, we have the experience and skills to expand any part of your home! Just call us today, and stop living like a sardine!

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basement renovations

Basement Renovations

A basement is a great place to store all of your extra stuff, but that’s not all it HAS to be. It can be a great, gorgeous place to entertain friends and family! If you want your basement to reach its full potential, just hit up the experts at Contour Renovation today!

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bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Remodels

They don’t call it the “throne room” because it’s supposed to look dingy and gross. As much time as you’ll spend in the bathroom, it should look GREAT! If you want to overhaul your bathroom so that it becomes a real throne room, then call up the remodeling experts at Contour Renovation!

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A door should be two things: functional and attractive. You don’t want messy, beat-up doors throughout your home -- and CERTAINLY not as the front door! You want beautiful doors that you can rely on to stay securely shut, and here at Contour Renovation, we can provide just that for you!

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Tiles are a beautiful, sanitary addition to your kitchen or bathroom. And since those rooms produce more water than any other room in your home, tile is a great option since it helps prevent against mold damage. If you think tile sounds right for you, then look to the experts at Contour Renovation for a quick, high-quality installation.

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Your flooring is important to both the aesthetic and the function of your home. Every kind of flooring is different with regard to appearance, price, and features. If you are preparing to install new flooring or replace your old one, just come to the experts at Contour Renovation. We’ll be sure that you get the perfect floor for your home!

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granite countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite is a beautiful installation you can buy for your home or business. Because of the materials it’s made with, every granite countertop is different, making it a unique as well as beautiful addition to your home or business! If you think granite is for you, then just come to the experts at Contour Renovation for all your granite installation needs!

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kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing ruins a kitchen quite like limited cabinet space. Struggling just to put away your food and dishware can make your time in there a headache. If you’re struggling to find adequate space in your kitchen, just get some new kitchen cabinets installed by the experts at Contour Renovation!

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replacement windows

Replacement Windows

If your window has suffered from a storm or an errant baseball, don’t lose heart! We at Contour Renovation have the skills to replace any window, so don’t let the accidents bring you down!

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Wallpaper is a great, inexpensive way to bring elegance to any room! Our experienced team will handle the hassle of hanging the wallpaper; all you have to do is enjoy your beautiful new room!

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