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Expert Addition Services


More is always better, and that saying is never more true than when it comes to your home. You can never have enough room to live in, and when you decide that you’re ready to make more room happen, just call up the remodeling and carpentry experts at Contour Renovation. We’ll help get your home extended wherever and however you need it to!

We’ll help by offering our expertise with carpentry and drywall. We’ll get your new addition’s frames built and the walls prepared. And once your area is ready to be beautified, we can help make it breathtaking! With our expertise in painting and flooring, we’ll make sure your new addition looks as beautiful as you could hope for it to!

Carpentry & Drywall

The first step in creating your addition is building up the skeleton. You want your addition’s framing to be done right the first time. That quality and reliability will affect the rest of the building process and, of course, your new addition throughout its entire life. Your addition’s frame should be put up quickly and correctly. And with the Contour Renovation experts, you’ll get the highest-quality carpentry work!

The same goes for your drywall. Don’t settle for a slapdash job with your drywall; that laziness can translate into problems down the road. Nip the problem in the bud by hiring only the best and most reliable drywall experts: Contour Renovation. We dedicate ourselves to applying your drywall right the first time.

Beautification Process

Once you have the structure of your new addition, your next step is to make the area look great! One of your first steps in this process should be making your walls look beautiful. Whether you want a new paint job or wallpapering, you can rely on the experts at Contour Renovation to give you the highest-quality service possible to make your walls stand out!

Another important step to making your new addition look great concerns your choice of flooring. We at Contour Renovation specialize at installing a variety of different kinds of flooring: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and tile. No matter what flooring you feel is best for your new addition, you can rely on our team of experts to give you the best version of that floor in the quickest time.

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