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About Our Remodeling And Construction Company

The experts at Contour Renovation have over ten years of combined experience providing the following services:

  • Painting
  • Remodeling
  • Constructing additions
  • Replacing windows
  • Installing doors and windows
  • Applying wallpaper
  • Providing construction and drywall work
  • Installing tiles and flooring
  • Installing countertops
  • Repairing and constructing kitchen cabinets

Our mission is to provide the best service for the best price that we can. Your property is important to you, so you shouldn’t settle for any less than the best when it comes to your construction and remodeling needs.

Expert Painters

We partner with our sister company Active Painting to provide you with the best possible painting jobs! This company has been servicing Arlington Heights for over seven years now, and our dedication to providing excellent work at an affordable price makes us your number-one choice for all your interior and exterior painting needs.

We'll Make Anything Look And Function Great

At Contour Renovation, we don’t believe your home should just look great; we believe it should work great and work that way for many years to come. To achieve this goal, we strive to offer the highest-quality service and materials possible. With a Contour Renovation job, you can count on on the results to last for many years to come!

Wide Variety Of Jobs

Do you want an old window replaced? Drywall fixed? Kitchen painted? House painted? We offer just about any construction service you could possibly want. This breadth of services combined with our commitment to long-lasting results makes Contour Renovation your best stop for top-quality construction needs.

If you are looking for an experienced, qualified construction expert in Arlington Heights or the surrounding areas, just give the experts at Contour Renovation a call today!

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If you are in need of remodeling services, then please call (847) 414-0052 or complete our online request form.