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Local Park Ridge Remodeling Experts

park ridge remodeling

With over a decade of combined experience, the experts at Contour Renovation have the know-how to meet all of your Park Ridge renovation and construction needs. We specialize at a wide variety of construction and remodeling services, including bathroom remodels and flooring installation. We are proud to service all residents in Park Ridge and the surrounding areas, and we show that pride by providing only the highest-quality service possible. If you need your bathrooms renovated or your flooring redone, don’t settle for any less than the experts at Contour Renovation!

Let’s face it: We spend time in our bathrooms every morning, every night, and throughout every day. So it makes sense that such a ubiquitous area in our lives should be nothing short of gorgeous. If you find yourself unhappy with the look of your bathroom, then schedule a bathroom remodel with the experts at Contour Renovation. We specialize at changing the layout, paint, windows, doors, and floors of your bathroom. Indeed, we specialize at all of that ANYWHERE in your home, so no matter what you want to renovate, you can rely on the experts at Contour Renovation to meet your needs!

Park Ridge Bathroom Remodels

As much time as you’ll spend in your bathroom, you should make sure that space is beautiful. Your morning routine should occur in a lovely place that gets you in a positive mood for the rest of the day. If your current bathroom just leaves you feeling dingy and unpleasant, call the experts at Contour Renovation today! We can rearrange the utilities in your bathroom to suit your needs, add windows, build privacy walls to separate the toilet from the rest of the room, and replace your old tiles with beautiful new ones! Don’t settle for a bathroom that doesn’t feel like a mini paradise. Let the experts at Contour Renovation remind you why they call the bathroom the “throne room”!

Flooring Services For Park Ridge

We are experts at installing a wide variety of flooring: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and even tile. We also understand the features, pros, and cons of all these kinds of flooring types, and we will discuss your needs and expectations so that we can make sure you get the exact perfect flooring for your home.

Park Ridge, IL

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If you need remodeling services near Park Ridge, IL, then please call (847) 414-0052 or complete our online request form.