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Kildeer Remodeling Professionals

kildeer remodeling

If you are looking for top-quality construction and renovation work in Kildeer, then look no further than Contour Renovation! With over a decade of combined experience servicing residences in Kildeer and the surrounding areas, we have the expertise and know-how to tackle a variety of different remodeling and construction jobs. Among our many services, we offer bathroom remodels and basement renovations. Indeed, if you want your home to go from unimpressive to unbelievable, just call up the experts at Contour Renovation! We make quality our number-one priority, so you can bet on us for the best Kildeer remodeling services around!

Your bathroom is a major location in your life. You begin and end every day in there, so you should make it a pleasant place to bookend your days. If you’re not happy with the layout or look of your bathroom, just contact the construction experts at Contour Renovation, and we’ll make your dream bathroom a reality! And while we’re at it, we can also renovate your basement so that it can go from a gloomy place to store your stuff to a gorgeous and unique place to entertain!

Kildeer Bathroom Remodels

For as much time as you’ll spend in your bathroom, it should be nothing short of a paradise. A dingy, poorly designed bathroom with dingy painting and peeling laminate can feel like a prison that you can’t wait to escape from every morning as you prepare yourself for the day. With a Contour Renovation remodel, your days can start in a much more positive light! We’ll rearrange the area so that it’s laid out in the best way for you, repaint the walls, and even replace the flooring. Don’t just dream of the best bathroom for yourself; get it! And the experts at Contour Renovation can help you!

Kildeer Basement Renovation Services

Your basement has the potential to be more than a gray, dark room where you store your stuff. With a little paint, new flooring, and maybe even some new walls, your basement can become an underground hotspot for you and your friends to spend time in! Your basement takes up so much room in your house; don’t let it go to waste. Let the experts at Contour Renovation help transform that old basement into a below-stairs paradise!

Kildeer, IL

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